Through leveraging the original content and knowledge sharing ecosystem, HiChain is building a trustless social network for strangers that enables the exchange of personal digital content assets.


HiChain Ecosystem Overview

  • Next Generation Social Network Platform

    HiChain provides the infrastructure of the entire commercial system. Through POR (Proof of Random) consensus mechanism that combines fairness and efficiency, it creates a high-performance, high-concurrency and scalable underlying public chain which is able to carry a rich variety of business activities.

  • BaaS approach enables HiChain to quickly incubate DAPP clusters

    BaaS technology has made it possible for HiChain to provide the Blockchain Technology to Tianya, who has more than 20 years of Internet community operation experience. BaaS also enables the integration of projects that creates communities with different forms and themes including BBS, blogs, Q&A, audio, live broadcasts to develop HiChain ecosystem.

  • Trustless social ecosystem for strangers to increase community activity

    HiChain enables “multi-pseudonym culture” to meet the needs of users to manifest multiple identities. At the same time, through the identity authentication system, the user behavior is effectively tracked to protect the trustless social functions between strangers.

  • Value-added service system to enlarge the commercial system

    The value-added service system has created a variety of use cases for HiChain to drive the market economy within its ecosystem. As a value-added service, advertisement and trading of Non-Fungible Items can bring benefits to developers, dAPP operators and users.



Release of the Alpha version of the HIChain Platform.


Preparation of the Beta version of the HIChain Platform.


Continue to optimize the infrastructure of the HIChain Platform.


Development of the DAPP components.


Release the HIChain Beta version.


Improve the main chain and chain ecosystem and launch the main net.

Notable Investors

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